My mission

Build cool software
Lead the charge in turning awesome ideas into real products.
Make a difference
Produce user experiences that I can be proud of.
Lifelong learning
Work with the best tech, and the brightest minds, to learn from everyday.

I am looking for...

Lead or Senior-level full stack engineer roles
I'm a generalist that loves to do everything: coding, architecting, planning, testing, design, analytics, research.
I love startups
I like to move fast and aim high. Smaller teams are a great fit.
Consumer products preferred
Open-minded to many different kinds of industries.
A hard-working, all-around awesome team
Working closely with a team that is built on trust, camaraderie, and passion for their work.
Modern technology stacks
The opportunity to innovate and learn is critical to my work happiness.
On-site work in New York City, or working remotely
I live in NYC, and prefer working there, too.
Full-time position (salary)
No contract work, please.


David is one of the smartest developers I've worked with over the years. His strengths lie in the ability to look at any situation and meticulously study the problem to determine the most efficient and scalable solution. It is a pleasure working with David and I'm looking forward to hopefully having a chance to work with him again in the future.
- Mike Jaffe, Lead Developer, StreetEasy
David was a great colleague to work with. He is dedicated to the mission and task, always willing and able to assist in times of need. Unbiased and logical with his reasoning, always willing to seek and consider the opinions of others. Great guy in and out of work. I would eagerly jump at the opportunity to work with David in the future.
- Omar Johnson, Sr. Developer, StreetEasy


Programming Languages

Language Experience Expertise Utilized For
Ruby 4 years Expert
C# 4 years Expert
SQL 3 years Proficient
Java 2 years Proficient
ASP.NET 2 years Proficient
JavaScript 2 years Proficient
Shell scripting 1 year Basic
  • Various projects
PHP 1 year Basic


Framework Experience Expertise Utilized For
Ruby on Rails 4 years Expert
.NET 4 years Expert
Amazon Web Services (AWS) 3 years Expert
WPF 2 years Proficient
WCF 2 years Proficient
jQuery 2 years Proficient
MongoDB 1 year Proficient
Docker 6 months Basic
Android 6 months Basic

Other Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Leaflet.js
  • Scrum / Kanban / Agile process
  • Unit Testing & Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Prototyping
  • Continuous Integration
  • The Joel Test
  • Content Tools
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Lightroom
  • Souce Control & Deployment
    • Git / Mercurial
    • Capistrano
    • Jenkins / Travis / CircleCI / CruiseControl
  • Dev Ops
    • ANT Script
    • Nagios
  • Services
    • Apache HTTPD
    • Apache Cassandra
    • Nginx
    • Redis
    • Google Analytics
    • Mixpanel
  • Environments
    • Windows
    • Linux (Ubuntu & CentOS)
    • MacOS X
    • Android


About the Company
Blue Apron is a meal-kit service, that delivers weekly recipes (all of their ingredients), enabling couples & families to learn to cook from a rotating menu of delicious, healthy meals.
Job Description
As an engineer on the within warehouse engineering, I was responsible for the pack line software, used to pack millions of customer boxes a month.
Skills Utilized
Ruby, Rails, PostgresSQL, Git, Docker
  • Created a prototype Blue Apron app for Android during Hackweek.
  • Rewrote the pack line software in a major company move to a microservice architecture
  • Lead implementation of software for new packing strategy, over a 2-month period with a small team, which was delivered on-time, without major issues, and outperformed estimates by 300%.
Took on contract work while I focused on training new skill sets.
Skills Utilized
Docker, ES6, ReactJS, Ruby/Rails, HTML5, CSS, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Redesigned my portfolio website to be mobile-first responsive design.
  • Learned Docker, and redeployed my own portfolio website using Docker containers, via Elastic Container Service, cutting operating costs by 50%.
  • Prototyped a trivia-based web game,, using JavaScript and ES6. (Check it out!)
  • Created a ReactJS application, GIFME, to practice ReactJS on Rails.
About the Company
StreetEasy is the most popular real-estate listing site in the Greater New York area, which was accquired by Zillow, the largest real-estate listing website in the US, in August 2013.
Job Description
As a lead engineer of the Data Integrity team, my core responsibilities centered around improving StreetEasy's data sets (listings, buildings, public data) through data import and curation. Much of this responsibility had full-stack cross-over into StreetEasy's Ruby/Rails/MySQL stack.
Skills Utilized
Ruby, Rails, SQL, HTML5, CSS, JS, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Won the People's Choice award, and honorable mention for "Best New Feature" for Zillow Group's October 2015 Hackweek NYC.
  • Completely overhauled StreetEasy's building data: imported & merged over 1 million public data records with existing data to dramatically update the user shopping experience. (This update was the first in over 7 years.)
  • Upgraded the in-house geocoding system from lot to structure-level accuracy, greatly improving our listing fidelity.
  • Built the prototype upgrade of the website from Rails 2 to 3, which served as the blueprint for following upgrade project.
  • Spearheaded the creation of 'communities', paving the way for StreetEasy's complex shopping experience and new revenue opportunities.
About the Company
Condé Nast Entertainment is the filmed-content wing of Condé Nast; the publishing group known for some of the world’s most celebrated media brands.
Job Description
As an engineer, I was responsible for building features & providing full-stack support for the Condé Nast brand video sites, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Wired among many others. I worked with web applications, services, databases, and dev-ops on a daily basis as a part of my duties. Additionally, I specialized in analytics, providing data-engineering support for business intelligence efforts.
Skills Utilized
Rails, JS, HTML5, SASS, MongoDB, Git, Nginx, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Analytics
  • Launched the Vogue, Wired, Vanity Fair,, Epicurious, TeenVogue video portal sites.
  • Built JS components for Condé Nast's HTML5 video player, used across both traditional and mobile devices.
  • Led the analytics effort in product; analyzed, tagged, and presented product experience data via Google Analytics and Mixpanel, which provided the product team with valuable insight into site
  • Responsible for the web platform upgrade from Ruby 1.9/Rails 3 to Ruby 2.1/Rails 4, which granted the engineering team access to new features and provided improved security.
As a freelance web developer, I built web applications for external clients. My responsibilties included building components for the full stack (both back-end & front end), testing the applications, and deploying them to a production environment.
Skills Utilized
Rails, JavaScript/jQuery, HAML, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, Git, Apache HTTPD, JIRA
  • Built Ruby on Rails front-end and back-end components for Canvas Inc. for their client demo of the Gramercy Park Hotel website.
About the Company
HookLogic is an e-commerce advertising company that provides targeted advertising software as a service to help vendors find their customers in the marketplace, while simultaneously enabling e-commerce sites to monetize their web traffic.
Job Description
I was a Software Developer on the Retail team, which produced a product-ad serving platform for use by our retail clients. My specializations focused on back-end development, where I acted as the principal architect for our content delivery system. My responsibilities expanded to full-stack work, as well as providing dev-ops functions for our production-level services.
Skills Utilized
C#, .NET, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, MS-SQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mercurial, CruiseControl, Nagios, Scrum
  • Re-developed the client interface for version 2.0, using Silverlight/WPF, ASP.NET and HTML/CSS/Javascript.
  • Architected content delivery system for AWS, improving data throughput by 25x.
  • Developed RESTful services using C#/WCF, forming company’s data backbone.
  • Implemented multi-threading/thread pools for data services and our production web applications to improve data & request capacities.
  • Created many developer tools and utilities, using both ASP.NET, and C#/WPF, to streamline development processes.
  • Provided dev-ops functions, developing Nagios monitoring for Linux & Windows production clusters based in AWS EC2.


University of Michigan - Dearborn

Dearborn, MI
B.S. Computer Science (from the College of Engineering)
Years Attended
September 2006 - December 2010
Courses of Interest
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Design Patterns
  • Operating Systems
  • Databases
  • Game Design
  • Calculus III